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Lies, damn lies, and TED talks

Jul 11, 2012   //   by Alexander Lyon   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Lies, damn lies, and TED talks

Johanna Blakley speaking at the TED Talk in Los Angeles in 2010The principle behind TED is brilliant. Ideas worth spreading. Experts in the field give a broad-brish, easy-to-understand talk about their work, its implications and how it might affect other topics.

Sadly, TED doesn’t really have much in the way of a “review” process. The information imparted by the speaker is treated like the gospel truth, and there is very little room for debate within the TED structure. Usually, this isn’t a problem. Speakers are chosen carefully, they are professional and base their talk on published, peer-reviewed or otherwise sure data.

Then, there are cases like Johanna Blakley’s “Lessons from fashion’s free culture“.


Why we don’t need another Gallois

Jun 6, 2012   //   by Alexander Lyon   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Why we don’t need another Gallois

Le Monde recently published an opinion piece by Stéphane Laurier contending that the business world needs more CEOs like Louis Gallois: ready to give up bonuses that go against the public opinion’s mood of the day, as well as limiting their salary to a “reasonable” amount.

His decision to abandon his non-competition bonus is likely a good choice personally, but hardly a good one for EADS, nor one that reflects particularly well on his leadership and management qualities. By scoring cheap political points, he is attempting to keep his record at the head of EADS away from too much scrutiny, nothing else.


Front line of the like brigade

Mar 27, 2012   //   by Alexander Lyon   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Front line of the like brigade

Techcrunch have released their weekly/bi-weekly “Google+ sucks” post. In a slightly surprising twist of events, Robert Scoble weighed in to agree on certain points.

I don’t agree with Devin Coldewey, nor really with Scoble’s arguments. Google+ is by far my preferred social network, and although I haven’t closed my other accounts, I probably do qualify as “addicted” by Scoble’s standards. Unlike Facebook, I can easily and clearly post messages to the people I want to hear them. All my friends aren’t interested in the same thing, not all of them speak the same language, and sometimes I want to just speak to people with certain interests. Unlike Twitter, I’m not shouting out a link, a hashtag and praying that someone is connected -right now- to see my message and remembers to “@~” me in reply. I can actually engage with people, share discussions, go beyond “look here” or “I like & U?”.

If Google+ is doomed to be a failure, then I’ll be on the front line of the like brigade. I’ll charge into the cannons until the very last second, because it’s a genuinely -social- network. One that thrives on real interaction, not one-way pseudo-interaction.



Mar 13, 2012   //   by Alexander Lyon   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Hi!

A. Lyon Welcome to the Corporate Alignment website. This is a growing community of people interested in business management, and who believe that there are better paths than the purely financial one. We’re interested in looking at how people can work better, live better and at the same time showing how businesses have lots to gain from driven, creative employees.

Corporate alignment is the basic set of ideas that allow us to form a coherent and comprehensive vision of a business, both in its actions and its purpose. Strategy, organisation, objectives, priorities… Corporate alignment shows how they are connected and inter-dependent, because they are all carried out by individuals, by our decisions and the collective action that is produced.